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Updating the Traditions of Christening Gifts

Silver bracelets, ornamental rattles and cross pendants. Yes, they are all traditional gifts given at christenings, but they lack a little imagination. Although the gifts bequeathed upon many newborn children are undoubtedly heartfelt, they aren’t usually something that they will treasure forever. Clothes they will soon grow out of, toys they will soon lose interest with and bangles can only be worn for so long. However, personalised christening gifts have the ability to transform a ordinary, bland present into something that will be wholeheartedly appreciated and loved for years to come. Furthermore, there is so much choice that you will never be stuck for options providing you shop around. A quick online search will provide plenty of new ideas if you are lacking inspiration for christening gifts.

Although silver jewellery is a lovely idea for a christening gift, personalised gifts for girls can be so much more interesting. If you are set on buying a small item of jewellery, then any good company that specialises in personalised christening gifts will be able to beautifully engrave the name of the child on the piece; their date of birth could also be included in the inscription if you would like it to be. Charm bracelets have become very desirable recently, as the name of the child can be spelt out with delicate, individual charms. Although this type of gift isn’t something that the child will value when it is younger, it will be a lovely keepsake that will be appreciated in later life.

You also won’t have any issues finding the perfect personalised gifts for boys. Money boxes are an ever popular choice, especially as it is something that can be used throughout a childhood. Again, the present can be marked with the name and birthday of the child and a favourite design can even be selected.

However, one of the best new ideas for personalised christening gifts is the new range of books for children where the child can actually become one of the characters in the story. The book is entitled with the child’s name, and the child features as the protagonist throughout the story. This is a truly excellent gift idea that will inspire any young child to engage with stories and love reading. The vibrant artwork brings the stories to life so the child will feel like they are actually in the fantasy land of the story.

Alternatively, if you are one of the parents of the child about to be christened, you might want to get the soon to be godparents a little something just to say thank you. There are also lots of great personalised gifts for godparents available on the internet at very reasonable prices. You may want to give them a little plaque with the christening details engraved upon it, or maybe even a photo frame, glass or mug. Whatever you choose, it will be a nice way of reminding them how thankful you are that they will forever be looking out for your child’s welfare and happiness.

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