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T-shirt: History and Its Types

sasasasaT-shirts are clothes that are identical with a relaxed and casual lifestyle. You can improve your appearance of a simple way, by using the t-shirt. How is its history? Perhaps you will be surprised to learn that this type of clothing at first merely serves as underwear for members of the US and the British military in the early 19th century. Along with increasing years, the use of t-shirts has been becoming increasingly popular and at its peak can offset the use of regular shirts among the society. T-shirts consist of various types, namely crew-Neck, V-Neck, U-Neck, Y-Neck and turtleneck. These types certainly have characteristic of each.
1. T-shirt O-Neck / Crew-Neck
This type is the most common type and is the oldest type. This type is called O-Neck because of the shape of its neck hole which is resembling the letter O.
2. T-shirt V-Neck
This type has a neck hole that is resembling the letter V. The letter V is formed by the two rib lines that meet in the lower neck. The meeting points of the two ends of the ribs are varied, but still resemble the letter V.
3. T-shirt U-Neck
This type is a combination of O-Neck and V-Neck. With a neck hole shape like the letter U, this kind is very popular in some areas with hot temperature.
4. T-shirt Y-Neck
This type of design is V-Neck with additional vertical lines that usually include buttons or zippers.
5. T-shirt Turtle-Neck
This type is called a turtleneck style because the shape of a neck hole that resembles a turtle neck. This type is used in a variety of areas with a cool temperature.
T-shirt is one of the popular clothing in this century. This kind is easy to be combined with various types of clothing. You can combine with jackets, shirts, and so forth. Update your look by using only quality t-shirts.

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