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Factors That Determine The Handbag You Buy

images (18)The right handbag has a way of flattering any figure and matching the right clothing. In light of the fact that a handbag is carried for many months and sometimes years, it is essential to choose your bag properly. When you have selected the right bag, you will be happy about holding your bag anywhere. The factors to consider when selecting a handbag include:

Length of the straps

A handbag tends to highlight the part of the body where the bag’s bottom sits. Therefore, if you are small, boy hip, a bag that sits on the hip tries to create the shape of the carrier look more elegant. If you have larger hip, it is better to have a bag that sits at the waist line. This will help to stress the tampering of the waist and making the carrier look much thinner. Nevertheless, handbags that sit along the waist line usually tend to flatter most shapes, so you should have a bag of this type among your selection.


Many women create the error of selecting a bag simply because it is popular. However, it is recommended not to be influenced to follow fashion when it comes to handbags, without with the size. Preferably, little bags do not look too good on tall ladies because they usually overemphasize their size. On the other hand, small ladies could easily get overwhelmed by big handbags.


It is essential to think about your shape as you buy a handbag. Preferably, you should buy bags with opposite features. Therefore, if you are a slim, tall lady you are better of selecting a bag with slouchy and features. If you are a curvy, short lady, bags with strong angles would look great on you.

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