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New vs. Used Rolex Air King Prices

Deciding to buy a Rolex is a big decision, but no aspect of this decision is bigger than deciding whether to buy a new or pre-owned Rolex. Sometimes the choice is easy; you may want a particular model that is no longer made or is not for sale except by private owners. On the other hand, if you are approaching the Rolex market generally, without a specific model in mind, you may not think that buy pre-owned is a good idea.
It is always exciting to buy a new Rolex and be the first to wear the watch. When searching for a watch your best place to start is Bob’s Watches website. On their site you can view both the buy and sell prices for the models you’re interested in.

rolex1One of the downsides of buying a new Rolex watchis that most new price tags are at least twice the amount of a pre-owned model that may be just as serviceable. Is it really worth the extra money to own a new Rolex, or should you steer yourself toward pre-owned models to save unnecessary spending?

What Are The Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned?
Buying a Rolex is, in some ways, comparable to buying a vehicle. While there are plenty of good reasons to buy a brand-new car, the moment you pick up your new Rolex and strap it on your wrist, you have lost up to 30 percent of its retail value. On the other hand, a used Rolex rarely drops much in price from one sale to another; like a good used car, Rolex tends to retain its value. In fact, if anything, used Rolex watches tend to go up in value over time, especially if they become collector’s items.

A used Rolex has already been vetted and proved its value. Used Rolex watches can be wonderful standbys and the prices cannot be beaten by any new Rolex at any retailer.

Still Skeptical?
Many people avoid buying a used Rolex because they are afraid the watch is a “knockoff” or is defective. They may be afraid that the Rolex does not contain original parts or is deficient in some respect that will lower the value. However, buying a used Rolex from a specialist that takes time to assess the watch is usually a safe bet.
A used Rolex can be certified by a professional who is authorized to do so, and this certificate of authenticity is one of the things that helps a used Rolex hold its value. Preferably, a used Rolex should come in its original box and should be examined by a trained professional before anyone bids on the timepiece.

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