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Converse And Adidas: Brands That Have Withstood The Test Of Time

Certain brands, through crafting quality goods and providing consistently stylish and desirable products, change in our eyes from being a company simply aiming to prise money from your pocket to a company that provides goods that help us express our personality and individuality, meaning that we provide them with business throughout our lives, as long as the company stays in business.

Two brands that have managed to stay in business across two centuries are Converse , the makers of Chuck Taylor All-Star basketball shoes and Jack Purcell Badminton shoes, and Adidas , the famous German brand ‘with the three stripes’.

Started by Marquis Mills Converse some time in 1908 to produce rubber soled shoes, Converse introduced the basketball shoe that came to be known as the Chuck Taylor in 1918. While the way they are manufactured has changed and the choice of colours and materials they are made from has increased exponentially (for over 50 years Chuck Taylors were only available in black or white canvas), there is little difference to the design of the shoe.

The company we now know as Adidas was founded by shoemaker Adi Dassler in 1920 and since its inception has been dedicated to making sports equipment that helps athletes achieve their full potential and lessen the likelihood of injury. After going into business with his brother Rudolf (who later founded Puma), in 1948 Adi went at it alone, using the brand name Adidas for the first time and introducing the now iconic ‘three stripes’ to the footwear he produced.

Since then, the brand has been synonymous with the greatest athletes in the world, with gold medal winners at every Olympics Games in the last 50 years using Adidas products to better their performance.

As both companies keep pumping out fantastic designs and new products, there is no reason why Converse and Adidas are brands our children and our children’s children will trust.

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