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Men’s Fashion – Shirt and Tie Combinations

By combining your shirt and tie has always been a difficult dilemma for many men, especially if you do not wear a shirt and tie, very often, or you have absolutely no idea of ??color coordination.If you intend to wear a shirt and tie for the office, a formal occasion or a night, there are some important principles when it comes to shirts and ties. The first rule of the shirt and tie combination is to keep things simple, when in doubt, always wear a tie that is a shade darker than the shirt, avoid bright colors or patterns over high and crazy that may seem too complicated or busy and distract the rest of his team.

Use a loop is the same color but a shade darker than the shirt is easy for beginners, but also very good to deal with when you feel safe, with pictures, check or striped ties are great, but if you choose this option, make sure you always use a normal shirt, or if you wear a shirt designs, choose a plain tie.When choosing your outfit, make sure you keep things in proportion, hold equal widths in relation to your collar, wide lapels to wear a tie to close off back to take a close relationship, or thin, also consider the node type, you use when you wear a shirt with wide neck, the Windsor knot is wider and fill a large space.

You can mix colors with contrasting colors or accomplished without much difficulty, but you may need to be more careful if you decide to mix patterns, usually try to stick to the rule of using a simple shirt and tie pictures and deals with rivals, so to be secure enough with their combinations. You can mix the styles together, but not for the timid, this could include a shirt with a striped tie plaid or a similar option, the rule of thumb is to ensure that the models are very similar in size.

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