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Heels Get Sexy

With the sun coming out and Sex and the City 2 hitting the cinema the heel is once again back on the fashion radar for women’s shoes.

According to Grazia magazine We’re going to blame it on Carrie Bradshaw and her endless supply of drop-dead gorgeous shoes, but this week we have a serious craving for some sexy heels.

The magazine reckons that with summer hopefully just around the corner that now is a perfect time to break out those killer heels. They say maybe it’s because the sun has got his hat on, but we’re vying to be first to get our legs out – and we need some flirtatious action to hang off them.

Right now there are two shoe designers of choice when it comes to providing killer heels. Grazia reckons that Sergio Rossi and Nicholas Kirkwood to give us provocative footwear guaranteed to turn heads and set even the hardest hears aflutter.

Sergio Rossi’s Francessco Russo is renowned for making elegant and yet sexy pencil heels. So much so they were even worn by Marion Cotillard at Cannes and rising Brit star Carey Mulligan is also a fan of Sergio Rossi.

And it is a look that is easily recreated on the high street. When looking for ladies shoes which have the Rossi look just make sure the heels are uber high but still pencil thin for that sexy lady like chic. It’s the thin heels that makes the look so its easy to pull off other key looks of the season in one shoe – a caged heel looks great with a slim line heel.

However, if you want your shoes to make more of a statement then designer Nicholas Kirkwood is the go-to designer. He’s shoed the likes of Cheryl Cole and Sarah Jessica Parker in his architectural yet feminine designs and what’s more no matter how high his heels they’re always comfortable. If looking to recreate the look on the high street make sure the heels are architectural but also sexy. Look for fierce detailing and caging as well as prints. Unlike Sergio Rossi’s the heels aren’t as spindly but are also not bulky

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