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Asian Beauty Tips

Asian women are the most gorgeous women in the universe, it’s not only their heredity but also the way they take care of their skin and measures they do to sustain their beauty. To know how Asian women are protecting beauty, here are some Asian beauty tips.

The most charming feature of Asian beauty is eyes. Black mascara and black liquid eyeliners are the best for making eyes blue.

If one has a fair amount of folds above the eye lid, can apply colors like black, deep turquoise and navy for night time wear and can make use of multilayer colors. On day time one can apply bronze and light colors to the eye lashes at the same time intense colors are blended on top.

Skin tone is a major factor while choosing hues for foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. Lighter shades create a pale look, at the same time intense hues will put in dramatic effect and bring life to the eyes and cheekbones.

Asian hair needs more care as it is out to a typical climate that always create premature graying, falling of hair, dandruff and various other hair ailments. Asian hair is

Categorized as following:

Dull Hair: Deep conditioning treatments are prescribed for such type of hair.

Dry Hair: This type of hair needs deep cleansing and constant moisturizing

Hair with Split ends: Periodical trimming is needed for such hair.

Thin Hair: Regular shampooing and conditioning of hair is suggested to such type of hair.

Once in a week use hair oil and massage gently on the scalps.

Make a paste of Henna, hot water, curd, and lime juice, apply it on hair and leave it for 2-3 hours. Shampoo wash and enjoy the glowing hair.

Color products from outside markets may don’t work well on Asian hair, since it is the thickest of all hair types, so it is better to go to an experienced colorist.

Following Asian beauty tips would be helpful for beauty conscious women, globally. Asian women have a slightly yellow colored skin tone because of more melanin pigment. To protect the skin from environmental damages, use a mild cleanser every day that will hydrate the skin. Apply moisturizer containing hydroquinone on skin; it will fade the dark patches of skin. Apply sunscreen with SPF 15 formula. Scrub once in a week to remove dead skin cells. Fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables make skin glowing and attractive. Drink at least nine glass of water. Massage skin, hair, nail with carmelia nut oil.

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